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Welcome to everyone who is experiencing Monday as the ravenous hell-beast that it is. If you find yourself at any point today desiring to pull your eyeballs out of their sockets and whip them around your head by the optic nerves, I think we can be the absolute best of friends over a few tens of drinks and a really strong pitcher of coffee, whaddya say?

Like Kris from Not Yet a Wino, I’m rather fond of writing games that require me to stretch my mind in various directions and come up with some sort of plot out of thin air. Normally I attempt not to blatantly steal an idea from another blogger, but in this case I’m doing exactly that — both because living Monday is enough of a workout (the writing ideas I have to blog about would be a tremendous effort today) and also because — hey, who doesn’t like a game, right?

So here it is: below you will find an opening paragraph to a short story, novel, etc.; the length matters not, but what it DOES require is your creative juices and muse! If you feel so inclined (and I urge you to give your inspiration a shot even if you aren’t confident in it — we’re all friends here), please leave a comment and give us the next couple sentences, paragraph, or paragraphs of the story as you see it from your perspective. Check back often to see what others have written — it should be very fun and interesting to see how you folks’ minds tick!

The Story So Far:

To be honest, he wasn’t sure if he noticed the shoe or the lips first. Shoe-wise, it was an incredible specimen, to be sure — thick, brown English leather construction of high quality, the sort of footwear that enters a boardroom at 9 and exits well before noon having made three pivotal, business-changing decisions, eaten a frosted cinnamon roll with delicate character, and spent the remainder of the time waggling eyebrows with the extraordinarily cute sales rep. Shoes with light tan and orange laces that didn’t simply make a statement, they practically gave a commencement speech. Heels that commanded respect from the tiles and not mere tolerance. Yes, these shoes were something else, but the lips are what really took the express train home with a pastry in tow. The problem of the lips was whether or not their proximity to the aforementioned stately wingtips was going to interfere with his abilities or not.

Go to it, folks, and have fun!

5 thoughts on “Keep It Going

  1. Nathan Pralle (181 comments) Post author

    WOW. Nothing like falling flat on your ass with a blogging idea. Whew.

    The crickets are especially loud tonight. :P

  2. Julia  (58 comments)

    Maybe I’m just not awake, but I can’t be entirely sure whether the lips belong to the person wearing the shoes, or if the shoe-wearer is male and the lips belong to a female. I was hoping someone else could start, I guess.
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Ultimate 5 : YouTube Guilty Pleasures =-.

  3. Nathan Pralle (181 comments) Post author

    @Julia: Well, that’s part of the intrigue of it all, I guess. Ah, well; I thought it was a damned fun idea. Clearly I overestimated others’ interest in doing writing games. NEXT! :)

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