Skanks, Whores, and Sluts

Ok, so this is a bit low-brow for me, but it was upon the request of a friend after posting a link to a Venn diagram by Great White Snark that finally accurately describes the differences between geeks, nerds, and dorks.   She said that the differences between skanks, whores, and sluts had been a big discussion point at her former employer and she wished there was a graph to describe them.

Having thought about this FAR, FAR TOO MUCH — and having had to get this off of my mind so I could go back to more productive pursuits — I finally came up with this diagram that I think is pretty accurate.    So Lauri, this is for you.  See what you think and discuss amongst yourselven.

Differences Between Skanks, Whores, and Sluts

3 thoughts on “Skanks, Whores, and Sluts

  1. Nathan Pralle (181 comments) Post author

    @Julia: Hahah…yes, well, like I said at the top, it’s a bit low-brow for me and my audience, but that being said, I got some good reviews on it (although all comments were on FB, not here, so….) I was feeling frisky, I guess, who knows. Although, I like your Venn explanation, so, good stuff there. :)

    ‘Drunk’ falls in the same category as ‘payment’, which I argued on FB that it’s a meta-condition of this diagram. In any of these states, payment could exist, and likewise, drunkeness. But I’d argue that the above is more indicative of a pattern, not an instance; any one of us could be slutty or trampy or skanky for a night if we had the right combination of alcohol and situation, I think.

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