Bloggeries + Me = OMG IPOD NANO!

I have long known that the website is a wonderful resource for bloggers everywhere, providing forums for blogging tips and networking, a directory of blogs, blog reviews by peers, and other resources to help out the bloggers in the world be better at what we do best — writing and entertaining.   Some time ago they even did a blog review for me, too. But how was I to know that one day I’d get an iPod Nano out of the deal as well?

Turns out that Rob, the owner and mastermind behind Bloggeries, got an iPod Nano while attending a blogging convention as a prize, but decided instead to use it to promote his website by holding a content.   True to the details of the contest, I followed the rules, used the word, “bloggeries”, in place of the phrase “blog posts”, and gave him my name via Twitter.    Some time shortly after, he informed me that I had won and sent me a beautiful iPod Nano!

So, this is to thank Rob for his cool prize and to encourage bloggers to check out his website, maybe get a blog of your own reviewed, and find some tips out for making your blogging experience better.    Thanks, Rob!

And now, on to the iPod Nano itself:

This thing is, like most of what Apple produces these days, a thing of wonder and beauty and even if you never turned it on would be something to behold and put on your coffee table for guests to Oooh and Aaaah over.   Gosh it’s pretty!    I wish I had a million bucks to bone up on a whole slew of Apple gear, just for the design factor, but I’ll settle for my meager supply of smaller items.

It is a shiny aluminum case with the only exposed plastic parts being the end caps, the screen, and the jogwheel (I think that’s what they call it?). The screen is a technological marvel, being incredibly crisp, clear, and fast — videos play extremely smoothly and you just sit and stare at how good it is. The menus and options are pretty easy to get around in, too, although I have some trouble sometimes getting it to “click” with the middle button, but I can’t tell if that’s a software or hardware issue yet.

iTunes, of course, interfaces nicely with it, although I do with there was an option to prioritize how it fills the memory of the Nano. For instance, I’d like it to first fill it with podcasts, then pictures, and then any space left over, MP3s, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it do so.

Right now, I’m using it mostly for podcasts and pictures of my son, as I already have an iPod Shuffle for music. Podcasts work great and video ones are awesome to watch on it.

Below are pictures of my new toy. They’re not all that clear, as they were taken with my cell’s camera, but I think you’ll get the picture, so to speak. They show all the items that came with the iPod, the iPod itself nestled in its pretty little box, and the thing on edge — yes, it really is that thin! I was shocked, too.

Once again, Thanks to Rob and!   Woo!

4 thoughts on “Bloggeries + Me = OMG IPOD NANO!

  1. Bloggeries (1 comments)

    It does look pretty. When I first opened it I had a similar reaction. Goes to show someone has to win. I’m just glad it went to someone who really appreciates it.

    Thanks for entering, this note and all the best :)

    Bloggeriess last blog post..Help me review my blog!

  2. Marie (125 comments)

    Yay! I still have my original white Ipod Nano: The incredibly obsolete but still perfectly functional original. When my boyfriend tempts me into the Apple store I get kind of sad because all the brand new ones cost the same as my old one and they do so many wonderful things. Mine just plays music. But it does it well. :) Hope you enjoy it! Mine’s lasted for almost 3 years now and it’s still going strong. :D

  3. Tara  (17 comments)

    The blue looks nice, back when I got my iPod, first generation, there was only white and it was bigger and heavier. Enjoy your new toy!

  4. Courtney  (60 comments)

    I am so totally Mac’s bitch. I LOVE my MacBook, I have an iPod Shuffle, a Nano and a big ol’ 80gb iPod. Love, love, love Apple. One thing that I love about Apple, totally silly, is how pretty the packaging is! I can’t bring myself to throw away my iPod box because it’s just so… beautiful! I know. I’m a geek.

    Courtneys last blog post..Thus Far, My Scariest Moment As A Parent

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