Short Story Collaboration Challenge

I want to write a short story, but as you all know, managing a blog post is doing pretty well these days.

And so many of you are wonderful bloggers and writers, but you’re busy, too, right?

So let’s write TOGETHER.   What do you say?

A collaborative story.   Kinda like Mad Libs, kinda not.   More like that old campfire activity of making up an entire story by adding a sentence one person at a time around the ring, except this would be adding it a short chapter at a time, one per blog post on your own blog.

Everyone would be linked forward and backwards — forward to the next chapter, backwards to the previous chapter and/or the beginning of the story.     You would be given the starting and ending sentences of your chapter so everything would tie together in the end…somewhat.    The middle would be up to you.

What do you think, bloggers?   Interested?    If so, leave a comment below and say, “I’m in!” and I’ll add you to the list.   Deadline of April 1st at 9:00 AM CDT to sign up so we can get moving and all parts will publish on April 10th.   If you sign up, you MUST do it, even if you turn in a small piece, otherwise the story will break, ok?

Suggestions for general genre and basic plotline are welcome — but keep it simple, I want to show off every writer in their own creativity.

No prizes other than fun, no entry fee or charity donations or any of that crap, no awards other than people reading your blog, link love, and a general feeling of community and accomplishment.   But hey — that’s good, right?

Right.   Jump in.   You know you want to.

UPDATE:   See commentary for additional clarification about how it works.   Thanks!



7 thoughts on “Short Story Collaboration Challenge

  1. Julia  (58 comments)

    This is not a good time in the semester for me….I want to say yes…how many parts? I’m confused by “all parts will publish on April 10th.”

  2. Supermaren (3 comments)

    I’m interested, as long as Mighty Hunter doesn’t mind me horning in on all the challenges that he’s been doing. I’m a big copycat, obviously.
    Supermaren recently posted..Wakening

  3. Nathan Pralle (181 comments) Post author

    @Julia + Others: The basic way it would work is this: I’d set up a rough structure for the story and then dole it out to all the participants; an identified protagonist, antagonist, basic conflict, and which part of the story your chapter is (intro, background, conflict, climax, resolution, ending, etc.). You would also get the beginning and ending paragraphs for your chapter. You then write a SINGLE blog post that is your chapter of the story, encompassing the above elements. In any style or manner you want. Pretty much any length you want as well. You give me the URL of the post once it is written, and then I collect all those and give you back the links to the chapter before you and after you, as well as the beginning URL, so you can link your part of the story into the whole. The idea is that when done, a reader will be able to start at one blog and read the entire story all the way through to the end by clicking from one blog to the next.

    Please tell your friends! The more, the merrier, the more likely it is to work!

  4. Julia  (58 comments)

    Seeing as I get to April 10th about 16 hours ahead of the rest of you… I think I can fit one post in :) It will be a treat after reading all these papers and submitting reports!

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